Three Women at the Water’s Edge

Nancy Thayer's Three Women at the Water's EdgeFrom the surf of Maine to lakeshore Milwaukee to Canada’s Pacific mists, each of the Wallace women— a mother and her two daughters— is looking across her treasured home waters to the horizons of change…

MARGARET has gone from a matronly doctor’s wife who carried everyone’s burdens to a svelte single, her hard-won freedom invaded by a compassion she dare not feel…

Her daughter DAISY turns desperately to her mother— pregnant with her third child, her cozy, sloppy, domestic world ripped apart by her husband’s elopement with a sexy young journalist…

Sophisticated DALE’s heady, obsessive passion for a co-teacher is shadowed by her mother’s and sister’s divorces. Is this the perilous price tag of love and belonging?

These three women— warm, funny and courageous— are about to ride a bittersweet merry-go-round of joy and pain, love and illusion, reconciliation and rediscovery, in this classic bestseller that has won the hearts of women everywhere.

Praise for Three Women at the Water’s Edge

“Compelling, absorbing and rich.”
Publishers Weekly

“The most honest, deeply felt book about contemporary women that I know.”
Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

“A superb woman’s book…Sparkling with a radiance of its own…A joy to read.”
Chicago Tribune