Discussion Questions

If this were a movie, which actress would play which part?

With which of the four characters do you most identify?

How are older women now different from older women a couple of generations ago?

Could you do what Marilyn did in The Hot Flash Club? What Faye did? Why? Why not?

How important is sexual satisfaction during the Hot Flash years?

At what age do women stop worrying about their bodies?

Should women stop worrying about their bodies?

Do older women need role models?

Who are your role models?

When did you last make a good new friend?

Do we need new friends when we’re older?

What are the best things about growing older?

What are the worst things about growing older?

What is your biggest fear about aging?

When Alan comes home, Alice takes him in. Is there ever an age limit on a child returning home? Faye helps her daughter financially, and Marilyn tries to find out whether Lila loves her son. Is there ever a time when we should stay out of our children’s lives? Were they right/wrong to interfere?

What would you like to do while you still can? What’s keeping you from doing it?